Individualized/ Group Tutoring 

RJCM will work with your child in a private tutoring session and or group session filled with hands-on learning and manipulatives. We will assess your child, determine his/hers intensive needs and intervene with differentiated instructional strategies. Our job will be to solely get your child on the path to math proficiency.

Professional Development Workshops

What if I told you I have a solution to executing the learning target on every student's level? I have an instructional strategy that ensures 100% student growth and greater math proficiency! This workshop is designed to assist all teachers interested in using stations-based instruction involving student data and monitoring tools, differentiated and rigorous instruction, responses to intervention, and the daily use of manipulatives. Together, we will collaborate to deconstruct common core standards and learning targets, identify pre-requisite skills, apply achievement level descriptors, created differentiated stations and discuss methods to track common core standards. After this engaging workshop educators will have the ability to create a substantive classroom with daily stations-based instruction. 

Parent Workshops

RJCM’s mission is for parents to be given effective tools to assist their children with upcoming standards-based assignments and relieve the stress parents may encounter when trying to help their child. We will identify crucial mastery skills that students need in Math to be successful as they progress throughout Elementary, Middle, and High School.

Curriculum Coaching

We specialize in implementing daily stations-based instruction involving manipulatives and instructional technology. Our company will push into your learning communities as strictly an instructional observer and develop an action plan individualized specifically to your teachers and administrators. Our company will deal closely with your concerns for your student’s growth and proficiency. Our goal is for all students to learn, all teachers to maximize their teaching potential and relieve the stress caused by immense amounts of learning gaps in the classroom.


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