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RJ Consulting Math LLC (RJCM) is a consulting company specializing in

  • differentiated station-based instruction

  • recovery-based curriculum and programs

  • e-learning and blended learning pedagogies

  • hands-on application of common-core math standards 

  • professional development for implementing our Stations-Based Learning-Simplified pedagogical frameworks

Our mission is to provide teachers, parents, and administrators with the tools and resources needed to promote 

  • active learning 

  • greater standards-based understanding

  • common core mastery, and 

  • model constructivist learning environments that promote sustainable student-led environments necessary for students to construct viable arguments attend to precision, and become more mathematically proficient in thinking abstractly and quantitatively.

Professional Development Workshops in Math & Instructional Technologies K-12

  • Using Standards-Based e-Portfolios as a way of differentiating and assessing in the Math Classroom 

  •  Flipping the Math Classroom using educational software 

  •  Equity and Differentiation in the Math Classroom 

  •  Productive Struggle in the Math Classroom 

  •  Real-World Application for Math 

  •  Inter-rater Reliability (math administrators & coaches) 

  •  Restructuring P.L.C. (Professional Learning Communities) 

  •  Deconstructing CCSS 

  •  Creating Equitable Assessments 

  •  Integrating Math Manipulatives

  • Station-based Learning-Simplified (Pedagogical Framework for Blended Learning)

  • Bridging the Learning Gap in Math

  • Differentiating Math Lessons

  • Teaching NYS Math Assessment Questions Online through Productive Struggle Practices

  • Creating Ideal Distance Math Distance Learning Lesson

  • Integrating Metacognition and Self-regulated Learning (SRL) Strategies in Math lessons

  • Strengthening Math Language and Writing Skills

Instructional Coaching K-12 

  • Curriculum Development 

  •  Lesson Plan Development 

  •  In class demos 

  •  In class coaching 

Curriculum Writing & E-learning K-12 

  • Write differentiated, standards-based curriculums 

After-School & Saturday Tutoring Programs K-12 

In class, Push in or Pull-outs K-12 

Family Engagement and Outreach 

  • Continuing the learning at home 

  • Preparing for IEP meetings and Parent Conferences

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