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Who is RJ?

CEO and Founder 

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Ryen Jackson (RJ) has studied, embodied, and demonstrated the art of teaching and learning mathematics through differentiated station-based learning involving manipulatives, mathematical standards, and emerging technologies. She has a B.A. in Mathematics, an M.S. in Curriculum Development and Instructional Technologies, and is a doctoral candidate for EdD in E-Learning. She is the founder of RJ Consulting Math, a curriculum developer and designer, a curriculum implementation trainer, and a professional developer. RJ also has skill in providing blended learning demos that model the sustainable student-led environments needed for students to construct viable arguments, attend to precision, and become more academically and socially proficient in thinking abstractly and quantitatively. Ryen believes the art of teaching and learning mathematics needs a cultural and constructivist shift. Students must be aware that learning is not about final answers but about uncertainty and questions. Ryen Jackson believes in designing a curriculum to enhance all students' proficiencies, from struggling performers to the highest achievers using differentiated stations-based facilitation. Founder and Owner of RJ Consulting Math LLC, RJ Consulting and RJ Academy.



  • Resourceful and innovative Instructional Designer with over three years of experience in

e-learning and curriculum development for wide variety of cultural and professional
backgrounds. Offering insightful analysis of content and design to create value-added
learning programs that achieve desired business outcomes.. Proficient in mathematics,
curriculum and e-learning with over 10 years of instructional experience.


  • Accomplished Adjunct Professor with specialized knowledge in mathematics. Improves

learning outcomes across classes. Strong communication and interpersonal skills to build
relationships with stakeholders and assess learning needs

  • Detail-focused Data Analyst with knowledge in data warehousing, process validation and

business needs analysis. Proven to understand customer requirements and translate into
actionable project plans. Dedicated and hard-working with passion for Big Data.

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