RJCM is a math manipulative and curriculum development company that specializes in stations-based instructions intervention services and differentiated standards. Our goal is to enhance the proficiencies of all students, from struggling performers to the highest achievers. RJCM is also dedicated to providing teachers, parents and administrators with tools and resources needed to promote greater standards-based understanding and mastery.


RJ has presented her stations-based strategies to a variety of educational settings and has excelled in student growth and mastery. She has experience in teaching, coaching, training, instructional technologies and is the founder of RJ Consulting Math LLC.  She is an expert in incorporating and creating instructional manipulatives, deconstructing standards and curriculum development. RJ has been recognized in the state of Florida for being a high impact teacher and being one of a few teachers able to guarantee 100% proficiency on Florida’s state assessment. She has successfully engaged students in exciting and innovative instruction. She’s passionate about student education and she’s eager to provide resources to her fellow educators in order to steer students on a path to proficiency and mastery.


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