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Ryen Jackson
Authentic Learning in Math
Dr. Subrina Oliver Authentic Learning in STEM
Lois Letchford Authentic Learning in Reading

Authentic Learning 

2020 RJCM Workshop 

Live in UniondaleNY!

March 28th

Rhonda Taylor
E.L.A. Session Leader
Keynote Speaker
Dr. Lorna Lewis
Equity in Authentic Learning 

RJ Consulting Math LLC is creating an innovating and captivating interactive workshop for you: The 2020 RJCM Interactive Regional Workshop centered around Authentic Learning in Math, STEM, ELA, and Reading. This workshop will draw educators who will see the need for an educational shift to learning with hands-on experiences that enable learners to learn by doing, cultivate self-awareness and self-reliance while piquing curiosity. 

RJCM’s interactive, Authentic Learning Workshop will be the first dedicated to woman’s history month with prominent female educators, that will dive deep into learning for deeper understanding. This workshop welcomes educational pillars from all aspects – teachers, administrators, principals, superintendents and consultants to share their best pedagogical practices to transform learning to be student-centered, sustainable and authentic! 

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