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RJ Academy is expanding our tutoring academy to go global and service students worldwide! 

RJ helps administrators and teachers make every Math, Science, ELA, Humanities, and content-oriented lesson differentiated, culturally relevant, and station-based.

RJ Academy is offered globally and worldwide


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Ryen A. Jackson

Doctoral Candidate 

Founder, CEO of RJ Consulting Math LLC

RJ Consulting Math LLC (RJCM) is a consulting company specializing in Math professional development, coaching services, in-classroom demos, and curriculum writing.

RJ Academy (RJA) is a hybrid K-12 and Higher Education tutoring academy with an active format of learning that has different representations of student success and student understanding of the concept. We tutor all subjects and we are all about meeting students where they are academically. 

RJ Consulting (RJC) is a professional development, adult learning, and teacher training center specializing in content-oriented subjects, GED Courses, General Ed. courses as well as Positive Behavior Reinforcement and Teacher Mental Health workshops. All workshops and courses include access to online learning, coaching services, in-classroom demos, and curriculum writing. Our center supports all adults and educators in perfecting their craft in general education, instructional planning, classroom management, and mental health. 

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